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Shake Shop – Pune

April 16, 2018|0 Comments
Shake Shop – Pune

Playful, innovative and wondrously delicious. Shake Shop is a Willy Wonka of shakes in Pune which is worth the hype and accolades. Fresh Frooshies, Thick Shakes, Ganache Jars and their showstopper Hazelnut Cookie Crunch Thick Shake, the list is never ending!

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Whatever your mood is, this place has the right ingredients to pump-up and refresh your mood. They arenโ€™t kidding when they say โ€œGoodness Insideโ€œ, because it actually is!

Whatโ€™s quite unique about this place is their open workstation where you can see how your shakes are being made and you can tell them to customize it according to your taste. Right from the sweetness to the thickness level can be customized just for you. The service is great and really quick.

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This place is young at heart with vivacious colours and energetic lighting, itโ€™s idiosyncratic, quirky interiors and enthralling vibe play quite a charmer for this place. With blue and white colour themed furniture accompanied with tiny artifacts collected from all over the world seem to give a unique appeal to its look.

What we had –

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Hazelnut Cookie Crunch
Hazelnut Cookie Crunch (dark chocolate shake) – This one was my Favorite. Perfectly thick, made with the dark chocolate base; you can actually taste the hazelnut and cookie pieces in every sip. You should totally go for this one, Iโ€™m sure, youโ€™ll thank me after the first sip itself.
sea, salted, caramel, milk, chocolate, shake
Sea Salted Caramel
Sea Salted Caramel (milk chocolate shake) – In case you thought the liking for salted caramel was a thing of the past, you probably are mistaken, because these guys go ahead and take things to a ridiculously indulgent & delicious level with Salted Caramel Milkshake.

Both the thick shakes are extremely filling and Iโ€™m sure your tummy will fill full but your taste buds will be craving for more!

watermelon, icetea, ice, pune, cold, dole patil
Water Melon Iced Tea
Watermelon Iced Tea – Watermelon Iced Tea combines the ideas of ice tea and watermelon into one delicious drink. One word to define it – Refreshing!
Spinach, pineapple. juice, fresh, healthy, delicious, shakes
Spinach Pine-Apple Smoothie
Spinach Pine-Apple Smoothie – Itโ€™s the Shake Shopโ€™s very own smoothie โ€˜Pine Apple Spinachโ€™. Who said thick shakes cannot be healthy? This smoothie looks green but is extremely tasty. This is an amazing combination and will be loved by all the health freaks.
fries, french fries, potato fries, spicy, chilli
Chilli Fries
Chilli Fries – Just like the name suggests, they were crispy, crunchy and full of spice! You also can opt for different sauces which simply adds the magic to these fries. The ones which I would personally recommend would be honey mustard and cheese jalapeno sauce.
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Spinach Pine-Apple Smoothie
Todayโ€™s generation is adopting a healthier lifestyle and it’s nice to see people becoming all health conscious and making changes in their everyday eating and living habits in order to lead a healthy life. Keeping this in mind, the highlights of this cafe which caught my eye is the fact that they use all natural/seasonal flavours with real ingredients and no artificial flavours or sweeteners. In fact, they prepare their own ganache every morning which adds the real flavor and thickness to the shakes.

They are also eco-friendly and do not believe in providing straws with the smoothie as they are made of plastic!
In a nutshell, we completely loved our experience and got to taste some really amazing shakes made of real ingredients, real flavours which gave the real taste.

shakes, pune, milk shakes, healthy, fitness

In a nutshell, we completely loved our experience and got to taste some really amazing shakes made of real ingredients, real flavours which gave the real taste.

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