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Farzi Cafรฉ, Dubai

October 7, 2018|0 Comments
Farzi Cafรฉ, Dubai

Does Farzi Cafรฉ need any introduction? Located in the heart of City Walk, this modern spice bistro is quirky, chic and torch bearers of introducing โ€˜Molecular Gastronomyโ€™ in the culinary circuit of the city. Well, itโ€™s all about global cuisine with an Indian influence. Infusing a generous dose of Indian flavors, innovations and twists, Farzi is probably the best gourmet experience one can possibly get!

farzi, farzi cafe, interiors
Farzi Cafe

hotel, restaurant, farzi
Table setting

Using a series of mixology practices to create theatrical drinks, Farzi Cafรฉ has complemented its out-of-the-box menu of experiential dishes. These electrifying and exhilarating drinks reflect Farzi Cafรฉโ€™s culinary philosophy of creating illusions with its cuisine while focusing on taste and presentation.

Food –

We were here to try their summer menu which left us flabbergasted!

Dal Chawal Arancini โ€“ The epitome of Southern Italian street food, these small risotto balls are stuffed with rice and dal. Yes, you heard me right! Can you imagine rice and dal stuffed crispy risotto balls? Well, this fusion dish combines elements of different culinary traditions making it quite captivating! This is probably the best of Indian and Italian which you could have on your plate.
As with most Italian dishes, there is not much regional variation when it comes to the filling of arancini. I was quite surprised to find Indian flavors inside but these crunchy golden brown arancini with small papad placed on it goes perfectly well with the mint chutney.

Dal Chawal Arancini, dal chawal, dal, farzi
Dal Chawal Arancini

Tandoori Chilli Cheese Kulcha โ€“ This replica of mini cheese pizza with an Indian twist left my taste buds amazed. You would have probably tasted Indian bread with all sorts of stuffing right from potatoes, onions to paneer. But this Tandoori Kulcha stuffed with chilli cheese is sure to melt your heart.
Innovative to the core, this delectable mini sized cheesy-kulcha-pizzas is an ideal way to kick-start your meal with a burst of flavors!

Tandoori Chilli Cheese Kulcha, kulcha, tandoori, farzi, farzi cafe
Tandoori Chilli Cheese Kulcha

Tandoori Chilli Cheese Kulcha, kulcha, farzi, farzi cafe
Tandoori Chilli Cheese Kulcha

Portobello Mushroom Slider – My love affair with mushrooms started ages ago so this was a perfect treat for me! Portobello mushrooms are basically natureโ€™s veg burgers and if you are planning to stay away from non-veg then this can be the perfect alternative to your steak burger. These Portobello sliders mixed with garlic, pepper, swiss cheese and chilli flakes wrapped in those home-made buns were amazingly flavorful and a perfect delight for vegetarians.
The burger was quite meaty (though it was veg) and juicy, filling and flavorful. I inhaled two immediately as it was quite satisfying and so much better than those unhealthy greasy burgers.

Portobello Mushroom Slider, burgers, mini burger, farzi cafe
Portobello Mushroom Slider

Tandoori Wild Mushroom – Creamy mushrooms tossed with garlic and bell peppers were unbelievably delicious and all you are left to do is nom-nom-nom! Low-cal, protein-rich mushrooms are cooked in lip-smacking tandoori style. The velvety mushrooms are coated with an aromatic masala which adds to the goodness of this succulent dish. Both in taste and texture, these mushrooms can make any carnivore hungry for more.

Tandoori Wild Mushroom, mushroom, farzi, farzi cafe
Tandoori Wild Mushroom

Chermoula Paneer Tikka โ€“ Three soft and mellow cubes of paneer (cottage cheese) marinated with โ€œChermoulaโ€ which is a Moroccan Spice that enhances the zesty flavor of the dish which is then infused with roasted cashews to give a very smooth and creamy texture. Enriched by pouring the makhani gravy that is lightly spiced with a hint of tang and sweetness is sure to steal your heart away. This makhani gravy was a thick tomato based creamy gravy, quite rich in texture served with flaky crispy lachha paratha.

Chermoula Paneer Tikka, paneer, tikka, farzi
Chermoula Paneer Tikka

Chermoula Paneer Tikka, cottage cheese, paneer, farzi cafe
Chermoula Paneer Tikka

Drinks –

Now coming to all the refreshing coolers we had with our meal which needs a special mention as the touch of molecular gastronomy to every drink was simply mind-boggling and it completely absorbs the guest into the ultimate gastronomic illusion which simply cannot be described. You really need to visit this place to understand what I am talking about and experience this magic in person.
While molecular gastronomy has been prevalent and hugely successful globally for the past few years, many people are under the perception that it isnโ€™t safe. The elements used in molecular gastronomy at Farzi are all natural and mostly plant extracts, which are globally accepted & certified and is completely safe.

To start with, we had the frozen slushy like coolers called the smash shikanji which made me walk down the memory lane as my childhood was packed in this drink! I remember having it every day after school! The tanginess of the mint and chilli combined was electrifying! Also, the “cola very” drink with lime and coke was flavorful and “bubble berry” with the hint of cranberry and bubblegum has to be my โ€œgo-toโ€ drink this summer. These coolers were beautifully served in a wooden box with all the gastronomical activity going around it which was simply miraculous to watch.

shikanji, drink, coolers, farzi

We also tried the King of molecular beverage, Ananas orbit which was a perfect blend of tender coconut, pineapple and pinna colada caviars. Needless to mention regarding the gastronomical affair going around the drink.

Ananas orbit, drink, cooler, summer, dubai, farzi
Ananas orbit

Though we have this love-hate relationship with summers, the drink which would definitely be โ€œlove at first sight this summerโ€ would be the tropical cooler enriched with all the summer mangoes with a hint of cucumber for the cooling effect and berry blues which will keep you energized this summer.

Tropical cooler, cooler, drink, farzi
Tropical cooler

Berry Blues, drink, farzi, cafe
Berry Blues

Dessert –

Risotto phirni oxide โ€“ Creamy and grainy at the same time, a phirni was possibly the perfect dessert at Farzi to complete our grand meal.
Hats off to an amazing presentation of this dessert. These guys ace the art of using modern culinary techniques such as elements of molecular gastronomy to introduce a sense of surprise to every dish and overall experience. Never experienced such a creative way of presenting a dessert.
This Classic Indian creamy pudding made with a combination of saffron milk and Arborio rice was enhanced by adding a mousse which is made of cream, sugar and saffron milk. The best part is that this phirni mousse is broken right in front of you at a temperature of – 198-degree celsius and then mixed with condensed milk and mawa crumble. The use of liquid nitrogen just enhances this dessert to the next level. This chilled creamy dessert with an addition of saffron not only makes it delectable but also adds aroma to the dish.

Risotto phirni oxide, phirni, farzi, cafe, dubai
Risotto phirni oxide

Overall, our dining experience was simply divine, right from the table theatrics to the liquid nitrogen magic was whimsical. Also, the entire Farzi Team ensured that the essence of each dish is maintained, creating an unparalleled culinary experience.

farzi cafe, farzi
Thank you Farzi Cafe

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