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3 Best Vegetarian Thali Places in Dubai

April 9, 2018|0 Comments
3 Best Vegetarian Thali Places in Dubai

If you are an avid foodie like us, then nothing beats the sheer exhilaration of having a different kind of food on one plate.
Itโ€™s not a difficult task to find vegetarian food in Dubai considering there are many restaurants being termed as vegetarianโ€™s paradise on Zomato! But out of so many options, we selected the finest for Vegetarian Thali.
Itโ€™s not always easy ordering from ala-carte and sometimes it also hits your pocket hard, so hereโ€™s our latest pick for the best Gujarati/Rajasthani thali places where you can eat your heart out.

Maharaja Bhog at Al Karama, Dubai

Maharaja Bhog takes its visitors on an imperial culinary journey as the Chef presents a repertoire of delicacies which was probably made centuries ago for the Kings. The Gujarati/Rajasthani cuisine has idiosyncratic dishes and flavours.
From several choices of farsaan to dal and curries, bread and sweets, achaar and dahi based preparation – Maharaja Bhog stands true to its nameโ€ฆ they are definitely the true maharajas of the bhojan they serve! With authentic Rajasthani and Gujarati dishes making up the scrumptious thali, this is one traditional Indian meal which you are not likely to forget for long! Here, all the dishes can be personalized, as the chef is pleased to create wonderful delicacies with respect to Rajasthani heritage.

Maharaja Bhog thali, thali, dubai
Maharaja Bhog Thali

Maharaja Bhog thali, thali, maharaja bhog
Maharaja Bhog Thali

Rasoi Ghar at Al Karama, Dubai

A traditional Rasoi Ghar thali depicts a fanciful play of gourmet preparations. The scrupulous arrangements of curries, pickles, special breads, and desserts would delight everyone.
The rustic decor, with floor seating and lanterns giving a warm vibe, brings the feel of a rural hamlet to the city, with Indian music in the background completing the ambience.
This is a vegetarianโ€™s paradise which typically begins with a course of farsan (small steamed and fried starters), the most popular ones being local favourites like khaman dhokla, kachori and dal pakwaan, and samosa. After which they serve their alluring main course but what draws oneโ€™s attention is their desserts, a mini platter of desserts is served to end the meal on a sweet note. You are promised to have a great time with the creamy shrikhand (strained yoghurt), fried malpua (pancakes) and the gooey halwa (desserts usually made with semolina). You might also find aamras, this thick and delicious juice of the ripe mango makes for an outstanding dessert, and is often served in unlimited quantities. Your taste buds are sure to dance to the tunes of the traditional flavours as they have a new menu each day for the 7 days of the week.

Rasoi Ghar Interior
Rasoi Ghar Interior

Rasoi Ghar Seating

Rasoi Ghar thali, thali
Rasoi Ghar Thali

Rasoi Ghar
Rasoi Ghar

Rangoli Restaurant at Meena Bazaar, Bur Dubai

A picture-perfect place for family brunch! Each Gujarati thali at Rangoli is premeditated to be an explosion of subtle flavours with its mild balance of sweet, sour and savoury. Due to the prominent influence of Jain culture in the region, they also offer you Jain options as well. The Gujarati thali is an endearing all-you-can-eat concept, where the staff themselves take pleasure in feeding their customers to bursting point. The meal has various types of rotis like the soft flatbread phulka, the thicker bhakri made with pearl millet flour, and the deep-fried but irresistible puri. These are eaten with accompaniments of three to four types of vegetables in dry and gravy form (the most popular ones are those particular to the region, such as sev tameta, a slightly tart curry of crunchy chickpea noodles in a tomato gravy), dal (yellow lentils) and kadhi (mild yoghurt stew). Apart from Thali, they are also famous for serving incredible chaats, snacks, south Indian dishes and many more! Well, who doesnโ€™t like the variety on their plate, itโ€™s time to give your taste buds some treat by visiting Rangoli restaurants.

Rangoli Interiors
Rangoli Interiors
Rangoli Thali, thali
Rangoli Thali
Rangoli chaat, chaat, pani puri
Rangoli chaat

Rangoli samosa, samosa
Rangoli samosa

Rangoli Falooda
Rangoli Falooda

When in a mood for some amazing and authentic India vegetarian thali, these places are a must visit. These places will surely not let you down and will leave you satisfied to the core.

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