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Sunny Da Dhaba – Lonavala

April 11, 2018|0 Comments
Sunny Da Dhaba – Lonavala

This place was on our list for very long, and finally, the day arrived when we made a visit to this place.
This place screams of good food! Though I have come across several places where you can get good desi food, if you are looking for something authentic in taste and quality then this has to be your ultimate destination! It wonโ€™t be wrong if I say that this place serves the tastiest Butter Chicken!

This place is open in the air, where there is no need for air conditioning, with spacious and comfortable seating. The food does the talking here and this itself makes you feel happy and satisfied. Because when your tummy is filled with good food, you get a smile of satisfaction. Real butter, real ghee, and real malai give the food its real taste.

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What we had

Mango Lassi – What better way to start the authentic dhaba experience than a mango lassi. Thick malai, mango flavoured, I think thatโ€™s enough to make our mouth water.

lassi, mango lassi, mangoes, drink, regreshers,starters
Mango Lassi


Roomali Masala Papad – You might have had a normal small masala papad, but this is something very unique, as it comes in a thin, crispy roomali roti which is roasted to give amazing flavours.

Roomali roti, Roomali Masala Papad, papad, starters, dhaba, dhaba food
Roomali Masala Papad

Cheese Garlic Naan – This dish over here comes in a starter as well. Filled with loads of cheese and garlic, it leaves you satisfied to your heart’s content.

cheese, garlic, naan, crispy, dhaba, sunny da dhaba
Cheese Garlic Naan

Chicken Lamba – This is a very delicious preparation making the chicken full of flavour and taste. The chicken was perfectly marinated making it very soft and juicy.

spicy chicken, chicken, dhaba style chicken
Chicken Lamba

Chicken Mini Platter – 3 types of chicken are served on a platter, the preparation is made in a tandoor which gives the chicken its smokey flavour. You can only have 2-3 pieces, as itโ€™s very dry and you fill full after having few pieces.

Chicken Mini Platter, platter, sizzlers, dhaba ka khaana
Chicken Mini Platter


Special Butter Chicken – This butter chicken is to die for, literally! You wonโ€™t get this kind of a taste anywhere except this place and its flavours will stay for long. If you try it once, this place will become your go-to butter chicken place, guaranteed! This is a must-have.

naan, chicken, rommali roti, chutney, achaara, dinner, buffet, bruch

Chicken Biryani – The aroma itself will steal your heart and the taste will do wonders to your taste buds. Fragrant long grained rice, secret masala, and amazing taste. This is a must-have.

The people are very kind, the service is really quick and the food is simply mind-blowing. What else do you need?

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