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Cafe Columbia, Pune

September 15, 2018|0 Comments
Cafe Columbia, Pune

After a really hectic week, it was time for me to escape the crowd and find a cozy corner in the city where I could chill and enjoy my food in peace. Located at Kalyani Nagar, Cafรฉ Columbia is an idyllic place to escape your routine life. This cafรฉ is endowed with eccentric interiors, and the vivacious crowd, that solely thrive on liveliness.

cafe columbia, pune, pune foodie, pune cafe
Cafe Columbia

red wine, sangria, drink, mocktail, cocktail, punefoodblogger
Red Wine Sangria

Touted as one of the best cafes in Pune, the place basks with positivity and dynamism. Probably the only cafe in Pune that brings home the flavours of Colombian cuisine.

The food they serve is without any preservatives, food colours and MSG, everything is freshly made which you can taste in the first bite itself. It is safe to say that this cafe speaks fresh food, has got a Colombian vibe with the type of music they play and has got a very welcoming feel to it. It has an outdoor seating with a street view and an indoor seating with a bar view, so you decide what suits your mood. The decor of the place is chic and modern yet has a very homely touch to it. Thereโ€™s nothing peppy or flashy about this place, but the board games and good company of friends are sure to make every moment spent a memorable one.

What we had –


We started off with Red Wine Sangria and Classic Long Island Iced Tea and it just couldnโ€™t get any better. Sangrias are best enjoyed when itโ€™s perfectly made and these people honed it to perfection. The classic LIIT on the other hand also had the perfect blend of spirits.

red win, red, sangria, cafe
Red Wine Sangria

red wine, wine, sangria


Chicken Empanadas – The most popular snack in Colombia is brought to life here. These crunchy puffed pastries are filled with a savory stuffing of veg/chicken/lamb and are topped with papaya salsa. Every bite was flavourful as it could get and the papaya salsa perfectly enhanced the flavour. I tried the chicken stuffing one and I kid you not, it was delicious with a good amount of stuffing which could be felt in every bite.

Chicken Empanadas, cafe columbia, chicken
Chicken Empanadas

Chicken Empanadas, sangria, red wine, cafe comlumbia
Chicken Empanadas with Sangria

Bacon wrapped chicken – A must have from this place. Crispy bacon strips (made of chicken) is wrapped to juicy chicken and served with a pesto dip. Every bite of the crispy strips wrapped to soft chicken is toothsome and the dip with it is simply delectable. You shouldnโ€™t step out of this place without trying this.

Bacon wrapped chicken, chicken, bacon, non veg, cafe, cafe columbia
Enjoying my Bacon wrapped chicken

bacon, chocken, non-veg in pune
Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Chilly garlic prawns – Anything to do with prawns, instantly becomes my top favourite and when itโ€™s prepared with that kind of perfection, one simply cannot resist. These guys nailed it with their chilly garlic prawns which were packed with bursting flavours. These juicy prawns in a sweet, spicy and garlicky sauce is a must order if you are craving for seafood. It is served with mashed potatoes, garlic bread, and salad.

Chilly garlic prawns, PRAWNS, PRAWNS IN PUNE, SEAFOOD
Chilly Garlic Prawns

Chilli chicken with burnt garlic rice – This dish you would have had in all the restaurants and you practically get it everywhere. But what makes it different from others is its taste, which will keep making you crave for more. The chilli chicken gravy had the perfect blend of spices and the chicken pieces in it had completely soaked the flavours making it very juicy and highly appetizing. The burnt garlic rice also stayed true to its name making it a complete package.

chili chicken, burnt garlic rice, pune foodblogger
Highly recommend dish

burnt garlic rice, chili chicken, cafe columbia, pune restaurant, kalyani nagar
Chilli chicken with burnt garlic rice

We ended our delicious food journey with a nice Rose Falooda. Not so heavy and not so loaded, this falooda was just perfect to have after the meal.


Our overall experience was nothing but lip-smacking, finger-licking, and soul-satisfying. All the credit goes to its no-additive food and thatโ€™s where the natural flavor comes from. A very special thanks to Miss Mitu and her team for having us over and filling our bellies with yummy food. Would be definitely visiting again!

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