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Kunishka stands for Kunal & Rishika, and as the name suggests, Life of Kunishka is all about our lives high on food and travel, personally curated by us. We believe in travelling the world, one weekend at a time!
The story of our life is just like any other film, where an NRI girl comes to India (Pune) for her higher studies and meets a guy in the college canteen and little did we know that somewhere down the line we will be starting our own website for the love of food, travel and obviously each other!
We’re not gonna keep you in an illusion; we are not uber-athlete, adrenaline junkie, professional photographers or magicians. We are just two normal people (Media Professionals) doing our 9 to 5 job but with a big incurable passion and desire to explore the world, meet new people, try out diverse cuisines and learn about different cultures.
Together weโ€™re on lifeโ€™s crazy adventure and we use our little corner of the internet to share our experiences as we learn more about the world every single day. Here at #LifeOfKunishka, our mission is to simply inspire all the foodies, wander-thirst people, armchair explorer and working professional to travel and LIVE life to their fullest. Initially, we started off as food bloggers and were known as ‘The Food Platter’.

This blog is about all the adventures, misadventures, food experiments and reviews, product review, beauty tips, happening places, solicitous posts, random ramblings, fascinating encounters, wild and fanatical times.
We want you to join our journey as we explore several beautiful gems, some famous and some not so famous. So stay tuned and discover the world with Kunishka.